Reviewing and amending the Covenants and By-Laws

What are some common reasons to amend?   The Boards of Directors of many Indiana homeowners associations and condominiums feel that they are “stuck” with the covenants and by-laws that the developer wrote. Typically, there

Boards of directors and officers explained

What’s the difference between a board of directors and the officers of an Indiana Homeowners Association?   We frequently are asked about the difference between a Board of Directors and the Officers of an Indiana

Avoid Conditional Approvals!

Almost every Indiana homeowners association and condominium association has a provision in its covenants which requires an owner to submit an application prior to making any exterior changes or additions.   Separate from the homeowners

Yes, HOA Covenants are Enforceable

Are HOA covenants enforceable? In a word, yes.   Every homeowners association is different. There are individual rules about use of property, fees to be paid and the consequences for non-payment or violation. HOA boards

Should your HOA be a nonprofit organization or corporation?

As trusted advisors about Indiana nonprofit law, we are often asked about corporation matters for community associations.   In particular, we are asked whether to set up the HOA as a nonprofit or a corporation.