Five Covid-19 Recommendations for Indiana Community Associations

Five Covid-19 Recommendations for Indiana Community Associations   Covid-19 poses a myriad of unique issues and questions for Indiana homeowners associations, condominium associations and other forms of community associations.  Extraordinary but necessary federal, state and

Prohibiting Short-Term Rentals

Prohibiting Short-Term Rentals   We are routinely asked whether a homeowners association or condominium association can prohibit short-term rentals, including occupancy arrangements through home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo.   Short-term rental platforms have

HOA Records:  Yes, you can toss some of those boxes!

Condominium and homeowners associations are corporations, and as such, effective recordkeeping is paramount.  All too often, however, association boards fail to establish sufficient recordkeeping policies, resulting in records that are unduly voluminous, inaccessible, lost or

Gun control issues in Community Associations

EMP attorney Kim Sutter addresses gun control in community associations at national CAI Law Seminar   Eads Murray & Pugh attorney Kim Sutter was one of approximately 80 speakers at the 38th Annual Community Association

Using self-help to enforce HOA covenants

Using self-help to enforce HOA covenants: Can’t we just go onto an owner’s property and do it ourselves?    Covenant enforcement.  It seems simple enough.  Politely ask folks to cooperate, act civilly toward each other,

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