Yes, HOA Covenants are Enforceable

Are HOA covenants enforceable? In a word, yes.   Every homeowners association is different. There are individual rules about use of property, fees to be paid and the consequences for non-payment or violation. HOA boards

Should your HOA be a nonprofit organization or corporation?

As trusted advisors about Indiana nonprofit law, we are often asked about corporation matters for community associations.   In particular, we are asked whether to set up the HOA as a nonprofit or a corporation.

The collections conundrum: Navigating and determining legal options

Were this the Victorian Era – or at least a Charles Dickens novel – the issue of collecting delinquent assessments would be simple.   In fact, there would be no issue.  Either pay up, or

How to run a hearing

Guidelines and Advice for HOA Management & Board Members AssociationHelpNow Staff Writer from Issue #1 2013   How to run a hearing is an important part of HOA management. There are many aspects that need

Rental restrictions: An enforceable tool to prevent absentee ownership

Condominium associations and homeowners associations have adopted rental restrictions to completely ban or limit the number of rentals in their communities for quite some time.   The associations preface the adoption of the restrictions on