Why Don’t Homeowners Pay HOA Assessments on Time?

In many cases, delinquent fees are simply an oversight. They also tend to occur when a home is being foreclosed on. In some cases, they are the result of miscommunication or ineffective policies. No matter the cause of the delinquency, collection can be difficult. Few people want to play the role of collections agent – especially as part of a volunteer position. Oh yes, and don’t forget that the folks you are trying to collect from are your neighbors!

How We Can Help You

Your board does not have to handle delinquent HOA fees yourself. We can:


  • Help your association adopt collection policies and procedures that will encourage prompt and consistent payment
  • Advise on your association’s available remedies to collect from delinquent owners
  • Advise and assist when an owner files bankruptcy
  • Explain the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies
  • Advise on what to do when a mortgage company is foreclosing on an owner in your community
  • Recommend and implement actions to collect (demand letters, Small Claims suits, filing liens, etc.)


Don’t let lingering HOA fees or collections create an undue burden on your board or association. The longer that your Board waits to get serious about collecting, the higher your delinquency rate will go. Plus, your neighbors who elected you to serve on your association’s Board of Directors are expecting you to do your best to make sure that everyone pays their fair share. To get started, contact us.