Why Change Your HOA Documents or Condo Documents?

There are many reasons to amend or restate documents. After a developer turns over control of a community to the board, the provisions often need to change. Sometimes, the original documents that the developer prepared are contrary to law or inconsistent. As neighborhoods evolve, so do their potential issues. And over time, some provisions can become confusing or conflicting. No matter the reason, when it comes to HOA documents it often seems like change is constant.

How We Can Help

With extensive legal and practical experience, we can:


  • Advise the board on provisions that are obsolete, in conflict with current laws, or otherwise in need of updating
  • Determine the exact procedures that must be followed to make your amendments effective
  • If the Board desires, prepare amended and restated versions of legal documents that will supersede/replace the prior documents
  • Assist in preparing amendment-related items such as cover letters, notices of meetings, proxies and ballots
  • Attend Board of Directors and owners’ meetings to oversee the amendment process
  • Finalize and record all amendments with government offices as required by law


Our staff has the experience and industry perspective to offer valuable insight and action. If you need assistance with HOA governing documents or condominium governing documents, contact us.