When Do You Need Homeowners Association Rules and Regulations

Often times, rules and regulations are established in the early stages of the creation of an association board. They become a source of authority and guidance for the board as they direct association operations and connect with established covenants and bylaws. Whether rules are adopted for the community’s swimming pool or other amenities, or for providing more details on the architectural approval process, rules can be instrumental in clarifying the expectations of the homeowners, the board of directors, and the association’s committees.


It is helpful to address rules and regulations early in the homeowners or condominium association history and also review and evaluate the rules on a regular basis to ensure that changes are not needed.

How We Can Help Your Board

The attorneys at Eads, Murray & Pugh are well versed in homeowners and condominium association rules and regulations. We can:


  • Help you draft, review, and update association rules and regulations
  • Provide an outside perspective on rules and regulations helps ensure worry-free operation of the board and consistent governance

When you need assistance with condominium or homeowners association rules and regulations, the team at Eads Murray & Pugh can help. To get started, contact us.