Why are Covenants and Bylaws So Important?

These documents are the foundation for how a community operates. They are designed to bind property owners to a series of provisions or agreements. Clearly establishing the scope of the provisions ensures understanding at the start and creates clear direction for future action.


Quite simply, they are the means through which board members uphold the mission, vision, and agreements in place for your community.

How We Can Help

Eads Murray & Pugh assists boards with HOA bylaws and covenants in several ways. We can:

  • Create covenants, homeowners association bylaws, condominium association bylaws, rules and regulations, and other key documents for new associations
  • Finalize and record documents with government offices as required by law
  • Advise the board on the interpretation and application of current covenants, bylaws, plats and other governing documents
  • Advise on the implications when the laws have changed as a result of statutory changes or cases that have been decided by the courts


Our staff has the experience and industry perspective to offer valuable insight and action. If you need assistance with HOA bylaws or covenants, we invite you to contact us.