Why is Enforcement of HOA Covenants So Difficult?

Homeowners will often protest that covenants are unclear or unenforceable. Others will claim they never received the covenants. In addition, the number and scope of such covenants can vary greatly from one community to another. Federal and state laws also directly impact the interpretation and applicability of covenants.


In all cases, it is important to consult legal counsel as you enforce covenants.

How We Can Help

Eads Murray & Pugh assists boards with HOA covenants enforcement in several ways. We can:


  • Interpret covenants in the light of statutory and case law to determine covenant violations
  • Advise board members and property managers on how they should address covenant violations
  • Advise on responding to an owner who claims, “I never received any covenants”
  • Advise the board on the HOA’s enforcement alternatives
  • Send covenant violation letters
  • Litigate against covenant violators to seek injunctions and other remedies


The attorneys at Eads Murray & Pugh understand the emotional and financial issues at play in enforcement scenarios and can guide you through resolution. If we can help your board, please contact us.