Why Does HOA Litigation Occur?

In some cases, the association needs to take action against a homeowner – for instance, in cases where the homeowner has violated covenants or accumulated unpaid assessments. In other cases, the homeowners association must defend itself – for instance, if a homeowner thinks the association has not followed through on its responsibilities. In addition, lawsuits may occur when there are accidents or injuries involving common property for which the association is responsible.


Litigation issues can be even more complicated for condominium associations because the association is often responsible for a greater level of building repair and maintenance.

How We Can Help

It is possible to mitigate risks and manage the exposure should a lawsuit of any kind come to light. We can:


  • Advise the board on where you stand and the best course of action
  • Vigorously explore options that might avert litigation
  • Represent the association in litigation
  • Once a suit is filed, to do our best to bring it to a swift conclusion

You don’t have to travel the road of HOA lawsuits alone. We’ve spent the bulk of our practice history helping associations find their way. If we can assist you, please contact us.