Indiana homeowners associations are governed by the Indiana Homeowners Associations Act, which can be found at Indiana Code 32-25.5 (the “HOA Act”). The HOA Act is applicable to all non-condominium associations. The HOA Act is

The Business Judgment Rule and the Indiana Nonprofit Corporations Act as Applied to Board Members of an Indiana Homeowners Association or Condominium Association

Board members for Indiana homeowners associations and condominium associations have a myriad of tasks and duties. Such duties are either expressly set forth in a community’s governing documents (i.e. the covenants and by-laws), or

Five Covid-19 Recommendations for Indiana Community Associations

Five Covid-19 Recommendations for Indiana Community Associations   Covid-19 poses a myriad of unique issues and questions for Indiana homeowners associations, condominium associations and other forms of community associations.  Extraordinary but necessary federal, state and

Prohibiting Short-Term Rentals

Prohibiting Short-Term Rentals   We are routinely asked whether a homeowners association or condominium association can prohibit short-term rentals, including occupancy arrangements through home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo.   Short-term rental platforms have

Should your Board regulate holiday decorations?

Though the holidays are typically thought of as a celebratory time, they can pose some problems to community associations – especially when it comes to decorations.  As in all things, your neighbors will have differing

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